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Company PRivatshoes - design and creation of a network of projects subject "Footwear and Accessories: from manufacturing to wholesale and retail, information network" to find customers and the security of doing business. We have a very easy and profitable to advertise the brand name!

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    «Мы наводим порядок в беспорядочной системе схемой логического взаимодействия и переплетений наших уникальных проектов, целью которых является удобный прибыльный бизнес»

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    «Мы занимаемся разносторонним и комплексным продвижением бизнеса обувной индустрии в интернете и за его пределами. Наши проекты предлагают популяризацию торговых марок и брендов как на территории Украины, так и на территории стран ближнего, а также дальнего зарубежья.»

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    «Все наши проекты работают в едином комплексе, не имеют аналогов в мире, они уникальны по своему внутреннему содержанию, но дополняя друг друга в комплексе дают эффективные результаты, от производства до оптово-розничных  продаж любого уровня.»

Сайт выставка обуви ExpoShoes.com.ua

Project exhibition of footwear "ExpoShoes Online Ukraine" for the third year shows very good results in the promotion of trade marks on a single site, so he won the trust of thousands of private entrepreneurs of Ukraine ...



Project exhibition of footwear "ExpoShoes Online Ukraine" shows the results of the third year raskrutok brands of footwear and accessories in one venue, winning the trust of thousands of private entrepreneurs - Ukrainian shoemakers. By providing information and extras on the orders of the Ukrainian manufacturers of shoes and information supporting orders for shoes at the Ukrainian manufacturers - products are always guaranteed to come directly from the factories into the hands of wholesale buyers who make payment directly to producers!

 For two and a half years of cooperation with the shoe factories of Ukraine by transmitting orders directly to manufacturers, it has been transferred and received goods worth about about seventeen million hryvnia. Our project is interesting because all the wholesalers themselves can communicate directly with the factories that manufacture products, placed on the site exposhoes.com.ua exhibition "ExpoShoes Online Ukraine" and also make reservations through this project with guarantees from the company "PRivatshoes".

On our exhibition we introduced the unique and universal configuration of goods and facilities for their rapid deployment

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We create business plans for easy reference and promoting your business in one of the thematic network associated with the manufacture and sale of products such as shoes, bags, accessories, components and leather materials, component parts for the manufacture of footwear and accessories, footwear chemistry, sole, equipment for manufacture and repair of shoes, shoe accessories. Our company will help with the promotion of awareness of manufacturers and suppliers in Ukraine and abroad. Experience with the international exhibitions of shoes and accessories since 2010.


Excellent! Good projects are doing! Keep it up, Privatshoes

Comrades! existing structure of the organization allows us to estimate the value of the corresponding activation conditions. Ideological considerations of a higher order, as well as implementation of the planned

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