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Company PRivatshoes - design and creation of a network of projects subject "Footwear and Accessories: from manufacturing to wholesale and retail, information network" to find customers and the security of doing business. We have a very easy and profitable to advertise the brand name!

Advertising and promotion of brands of shoes and accessories in the network online and offline projects "PRIVATSHOES"

PR company "PrivatShoes" engaged in diverse and complex business promotion shoe industry on the internet and beyond. Our projects offer popularization trademarks and brands both in Ukraine and in the countries of the near and far abroad. We uzkoprofilnye professionals who know the scope of the shoe industry,   that can offer you help in your future development and promotion, with the ability to increase sales and increase awareness on the Internet. With our projects with an integrated approach and a good quality of manufactured goods, any brand / production gets fastest awareness, increasing sales. 

Our advantages:



We continue to create a unique development of the vicious circle of network platforms in a common network. Working closely with each other, provide a versatile platform to support information services, promotion and development of enterprises. All our projects are working in a single complex, have no analogues in the world, they are unique in its inner content, but complementing each other.

Wishing to participate in our projects (manufacturers of shoes and accessories, and other official representatives of brands + world leaders), please call the telephone number listed below. Also pleased to announce that we can work on account.

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We create business plans for easy reference and promoting your business in one of the thematic network associated with the manufacture and sale of products such as shoes, bags, accessories, components and leather materials, component parts for the manufacture of footwear and accessories, footwear chemistry, sole, equipment for manufacture and repair of shoes, shoe accessories. Our company will help with the promotion of awareness of manufacturers and suppliers in Ukraine and abroad. Experience with the international exhibitions of shoes and accessories since 2010.


Excellent! Good projects are doing! Keep it up, Privatshoes

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